Based on true events

In icy cold Europe in 2015, people are slowly moving on after the shocking terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris earlier in the winter.

In Copenhagen, the newly released criminal Omar has his own agenda. Meanwhile filmmaker Finn, Jewish watchman Dan and the worn-out action force officer Rico live their various everyday lives without knowing that they will all soon cross paths. Only one of them will be left alive to discover if there’s a way out of the anger, in a city and country that will remember this day as an historic milestone. 

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Genre: Drama
Original Title: NOTAT
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Duration: 105 min

Director: Ole Christian Madsen
Producer: Malene Blenkov
Production Company: Creative Alliance IVS
Co-producer: Håkon Øverås
Cast: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lars Brygmann, Jakob Oftebro, Sonja Richter, Adam Buschard , Albert Arthur Amiryan
Director of Photography: John Christian Korslund
Script: Lars K. Andersen, Ole Christian Madsen