Hugo has been treading water since he lost the love of his life, Agnes. With the world on his shoulders, going way too fast as usual, on a grey winter's day he swerves to avoid something on the road and crashes his bike. He falls headlong to the ground, passes out, and wakes up in the most curious and wondrous place – a circus carriage! It turns out to belong to the kind and slightly confused ringmaster Casall. A new world opens up to countless characters who live a life far beyond everyday life. A cook who can’t actually cook, a seductive trapeze artist, a clown who is more angry than happy and ...beautiful, mysterious Anna. Who is she? What secret is she hiding? Slowly, the door curtain is pulled to reveal a new and different life. But does Hugo dare to take the step?

MENDING HUGO’S HEART is a warm, emotional and entertaining film where everyday life is turned upside down and the characters are forced to step out of their comfort zones. A film in true feel-good spirit about hope and love, about daring to let go and winning everything.

When magic collides with reality anything can happen.

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Genre: Drama
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Oct 20, 2017

Director: Helena Bergström
Producer: Colin Nutley, Mikael Bergkvist
Script: Helena Bergström