Divorce, involuntary childlessness and parental relations - in an atmosphere filled with rancorous undertones. These are some of the ingredients when the most popular comedy series in Sweden, Sunny Side, moves onto the big screen.

Anna and Alex have always been an odd couple and she has now had enough of the friction and conflict. She wants a divorce. She has already met someone else, a man who is more on her own wavelength. Alex tries to convince himself and everyone else that the break-up is  the right thing to do but deep down he is distressed. Until one day he meets a woman with whom he falls instantly and passionately in love. This leads to unexpected emotions bubbling to the surface for Anna. Maybe all things considered she isn’t quite ready to leave Alex?

Fredde and Mickan are shaken by the divorce of their friends when even darker clouds appear. Their son Viktor suddenly begins to challenge them in a way he has never done before. Soon Fredde realises it’s his own dad, Mauritz, who is behind it. They have had a dreadful relationship for many years now. Fredde knows it is time to confront this issue, once and for all.

Ove and Anette wrestle with their own problems. They have for a long time tried to have another child but Ove’s sperm is not of sufficient quality. Anette is willing to consider adoption but Ove refuses. He doesn’t want to bring up a cuckoo chick. They are in crisis. Who will bend? Or should they go their separate ways? The crisis forces a decision that will have unforeseen consequences.

The drama takes place as usual in the prosperous suburb ‘Solsidan’, outside Stockholm. But our friends also have reason to visit the fashionable holiday resort Torekov in Skåne, where they are introduced to a unique form of spa culture.
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Genre: Comedy
Original Title: SOLSIDAN - FILMEN
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Dec 1, 2017
Duration: 104 min

Director: Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren
Producer: Emma Nyberg
Production Company: FLX, Jarowskij
Cast: Felix Herngren, Henrik Dorsin, Johan Rheborg, Josephine Bornebusch, Malin Cederbladh, Mia Skäringer
Script: Jesper Harrie