Part II of the Iqbal series

Iqbal and Sille are best friends and have always lived next door to each other. Their street must undergo urban regeneration and Easelman and The Swine will unluckily be in charge of the project. The construction project is in fact a cover to get their hands on the oil they have discovered beneath their street. Iqbal and Sille must now fight against the villains and get the money to buy back their building, so they don’t have to move away from each other.

When Iqbal discovers a chip with magic energy, the kids manage to convince Easelman and The Swine to buy the chip so they can reclaim their building. But the villains deceive the children, and now Iqbal, Sille and the grown-ups must put in every effort to retrieve the chip and expose the villains’ secret plan.

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Genre: Family, Children
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
First Release: Dec 15, 2016
Duration: 90 min

Director: Oliver Zahle
Producer: Christian Potalivo, Mikael Olsen
Cast: Andreas Bo, Arien Takiar, Dar Salim, Hircano Soares, Liv Leman Brandorf, Rasmus Bjerg
Script: Renée Toft Simonsen