Bogesund is a small town in the middle of no-where in the centre of the religious belt of Sweden. Like in all small towns nothing happens… until it does. The body of a young woman is found and soon after a young girl disappears. It’s time for Bogesund to wake up.

Maya Silver, back in town to deal with her own family problems, is put in charge of the investigation team. We follow the story as stones are unturned one by one. For the villagers it’s uncomfortable as skeletons they have kept in the cupboard are now being revealed. It appears that the church and the power of religion sit over everything.

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Genre: Crime, Drama
Original Title: SAKNAD 4 X 45_1
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Duration: 2x90 / 4x45 min
Cast: Helena Bergström, Johan H:son Kjellgren, Mattias Nordkvist, JohanWiderberg, Julia Dufvenius, Samuel Fröler, Molly Nutley