THE TOUGH GUYS is the story about 11-year old Modulf who thinks he is some kind of super hero.

Every day he is bullied by the toughest guys at school. And that’s fine.
Because if Modulf is the one being bullied – he rescues all the other children.
One day a new girl moves in next door, Lise. Lise does not agree with Modulf’s theories. She cares, and creates havoc in the ranks - and suddenly she is the one in the middle of the storm who must be saved. Modulf is forced to face his own situation – and do something about it.
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Genre: Children, Comedy, Family
Based On: The Children's novel "De Tøffeste Gutta" by Arne Svingen
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
First Release: Sep 6, 2013
Format: 1:2,39
Sound: Stereo 5.1
Duration: 74 min

Director: Christian Lo
Producer: Trine Aadalen Lo
Production Company: Filmbin As
Cast: Sondre B. Henriksen, Regine Stokkevåg Eide, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Cecilie Mosli, Hallvard Holmen
Director of Photography: Bjørn Ståle Bratberg
Script: Arild Tryggestad, Christian Lo, Nick Hegreberg
Editor: Arild Tryggestad
Production Designer: Merete Bostrøm
Costume Designer: Live Linberg
Make-up Artist: Miriam Lien
Composer: Eirik Myhr