Maps may guide your way but hope will take you anywhere

”My name is Eskil and I have lived in as many places as I am old, that means 11. Now we are moving again and I don't care whereto - it’s still the same. It’s always called something odd and it’s always located at a river. There is a power plant and a hockey team where I have to play - there always is ... “

Eskil moves from town to town with his father in Northern Sweden. He misses his mother and sucks at playing hockey, the main activity among the boys his age. Things change when he meets Trinidad, a mysterious woman who lives outside society spending her time building a great ship that perhaps could take Eskil to his mother...

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Genre: Family, Children
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Mar 29, 2013
Format: 1:2,39
Sound: 5.1
Duration: Approx 103 min

Director: Stephan Apelgren
Producer: Peter Possne
Production Company: Sonet Film AB
Co-producer: Filmpool Nord AB, Hans Lönnerheden, Rickard Petrelius, Sveriges Television AB
Cast: Linus Oscarsson, Torkel Petersson, Ann Petrén, Iben Hjejle, Saga Midfjäll, Jonas Inde
Director of Photography: Anders Bohman
Script: Stephan Apelgren
Editor: Håkan Karlsson
Production Designer: Bengt Fröderberg
Costume Designer: Karin Sundvall, Viktoria Mattila
Make-up Artist: Ingabritt Adrianson
Composer: Joachim Holbek