A windy autumn day the body of the university student Lisa Beck is found in a small lake on top of the Tromsø island. It puzzles the police and the investigator Aslak Eira, of saami heritage, that she has not drowned. To enhance the confusion, the body carries traces of having been in the sea.

As the police seem to be fumbling along in the dark, yet another young female student disappears. The struggle to save this students life and to reveal the identity of the murderer becomes a race against time.
And for Aslak it becomes a matter of life and death as his 16 years old son is dragged into the events.
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Genre: Thriller
Original Title: GLASSDUKKENE
Based On: the crime novel by Jorun Thørring
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
First Release: Apr 4, 2014
Format: 1:2,35
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Duration: 92 min.

Director: Nils Gaup
Producer: Tomas Backström
Production Company: Red Squair Ventures AS
Cast: Stig Henrik Hoff, Lena Kristin Ellingsen, Henrik Mestad, Gars Elvenes, Anja Saiva B. Björnstad
Director of Photography: Peter Mokrosinski
Script: Stein Leikanger
Editor: Tomas Täng