Freely based on the popular children’s songs and characters by Lennart Hellsing and illustrations by Poul Ströyer, ANNABELL’S SPECTACULARITIES is a playful music adventure about little Annabell Olsson, who is older than seven, but younger than eleven. She has three little triplet siblings, who mostly just cause trouble, and a grandmother, who is the source of more adventure than Annabell realizes.

There is a book at her grandmother’s country house that contains an unfinished story, namely the one about the wizard who turned himself into a glass of lemonade, and then drank himself up.

For over 70 years, Grandma has been thinking about how that could have happened, and how the wizard might be turned back into himself. But she can’t come up with an end to the story.

Now it’s up to Annabell to try and help her grandmother help the wizard, and thus bring the story to an end. But where should she start looking? Only Grandma knows… that everything begins with a game, and loads of imagination. 
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Genre: Children, Family
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Sep 5, 2014
Duration: 11x7 min

Director: Elisabet Gustafsson
Producer: Ulf Synnerholm
Cast: Anton Lundqvist, Lea Stojanov, Martin Eliasson, Vanja Blomkvist
Script: Torbjörn Jansson (Torbjörn von Roy Jansson)