Painfully Connected.
This film is a love story - covering the 42-year and 12-film relationship between legendary actress Liv Ullmann and master filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.

This documentary is a homage - an affectionate but truthful account of two intertwined lives that experienced the full spectrum of emotions together, survived through extraordinary times, and left us with enduring creations as proof of the passion of their relationship both on and off-screen.

Told entirely from Liv Ullmann’s point of view through an interview, this biopic of an extraordinary relationship is constructed as a collage of images and sounds from the timeless Ullmann-Bergman films, behind-the-scenes footage, still photographs, passages from Liv’s book ‘Changing’ and Ingmar’s personal letters to Liv.

Ultimately this film is a candid look, not only at two of the greatest artists of our time, but also at two human beings, friends and soul mates.
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Genre: Documentary
Original Title: LIV OG INGMAR
Country: Norway
Language: English
First Release: Sep 27, 2012
Format: 1:1,78
Sound: SR 5.1
Duration: 83 min

Director: Dheeraj Akolkar
Producer: Rune H. Trondsen
Production Company: Nordic Stories AS
Cast: Liv Ullmann (interview & voiceover), Samuel Fröler (Voice for Ingmar Bergman)
Director of Photography: Hallvard Bræin
Script: Dheeraj Akolkar
Editor: Tushar Ghogale
Composer: Stefan Nilsson