After the death of her husband, Police inspector Maria Wern moves to the picturesque Swedish island Gotland with her two children to start over.

While struggling with raising two children as a single mother and still mourning her husband’s death, Maria manages to sustain her female perspective and approach to life in a harsh and male dominated environment . She constantly encounters rage, death and evil but she stays determined to endure what sometimes feels like an unwinnable battle.
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Genre: Crime, Thriller
Original Title: MARIA WERN SEASON 1
Based On: the success Crime series by Anna Jansson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Nov 25, 2010
Format: 16:9, 1920 x 1080 25P
Sound: 2ch Stereo, 5.1
Duration: 9x90 min

Director: Charlotte Berlin, Erik Leijonborg, Leif Lindblom
Producer: Åsa Sjöberg, Bo Rehnberg, Erika Edman, Josefin Tengblad, Niva Westlin Dahl, Tobias Bringholm
Cast: Eva Röse, Allan Svensson, Peter Perski, Ulf Friberg
Director of Photography: Carl Persson
Script: Alexander Söderberg, Anders Brundin, Anna Fredriksson, Erik Ahrnbom, Therese Bringholm
Editor: Hélène Berlin, Sebastian Amundsen
Production Designer: Inca Leijonborg, Lars Strömsten, Pia Wallin
Costume Designer: Annika Gaimer, Cilla Rörby
Make-up Artist: Jenny Fred, Nina Spjut
Composer: Fredrik T. Olsson, Magnus Strömberg