Who says sugar is bad for you?

45 year-old Johanna, working at a women’s magazine and a single mother of two, finds it hard to speak up for herself. She is as bullied at work as in her private life. In a weak moment she promises her children a holiday abroad. To finance the trip she reports herself as a test subject for a new medicine. Payment is lousy – but the medicine is found to have unsuspected effects…

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Genre: Comedy
Original Title: MEDICINEN
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Aug 29, 2014
Format: 1:2,39 Cinemascope
Sound: 5.1
Duration: 115 min

Director: Colin Nutley
Producer: Petra Jönsson
Production Company: Sweetwater Production AB
Executive Producer: Colin Nutley
Cast: Helena Bergström, Ewa Fröling, Maria Lundqvist, Peter Eggers
Script: Daniel Rehn, Edward af Sillén
Composer: Per Andreasson