Summer vacation has begun and Mats is just an ordinary kid like any other. But when he finds a pair of pants that contain an unlimited amount of money, everything changes! Suddenly, the world is at his feet and Mats can fulfill all his dreams. Once he realizes, however, that he has been abusing the power that comes with unlimited wealth, he instead starts using the money to improve the lives of the city's homeless, and less fortunate.

Meanwhile, powerful forces have long been searching for the legendary golden pants, and once they track them down, Mats’s dad, Torkel, gets kidnapped. And when it turns out that the money he keeps pulling out of his pants pocket actually comes from various bank vaults around the country, Mats has the police after him, too. With no one to help him other than his trusty friends David and Livlí, Mats has to save his father and put everything right before it’s too late.

The Boy with the Golden Pants is a classic adventure film based on the international bestseller by Max Lundgren.


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Genre: Family, Children
Based On: the bestselling novel by Max Lundgren
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
First Release: Sep 26, 2014
Format: 1:2.35
Sound: 5.1
Duration: 100 min

Director: Ella Lemhagen
Producer: Fredrik Wikström Nicastro
Cast: Lukas Holgersson, Olle Krantz, Nina Sand, Shanti Roney, Jimmy Lindström, Kurt Ravn, Annika Hallin, Lotta Karlge
Director of Photography: Anders Bohman
Script: Ella Lemhagen
Editor: Thomas Lagerman
Production Designer: Teresa Beale
Make-up Artist: Annika Stödberg
Composer: Fredrik Emilson