PELLE NO-TAIL is a timeless Swedish animated classic about a pampered kitten who lost his tail. One day a sudden storm steals Pelle from the safe countryside and takes him on a true adventure in the strange city. There Pelle meets the lovely and kind Maya Whitecheeks, and soon a true friendship blossoms. However, it’s not always easy being the new cat in town. Not all the catizens have good intentions and before long Pelle dearly wants to go back home. Script and WIP-footage available upon...
Genre: Animation/Anime/Etc, Children, Family
First Release: Jan 18, 2020
Language: Swedish
Duration: Approx. 67 min
Based on Norway’s most popular book series for children. The local museum is planning an exhibit on ancient Egypt, and the crowning attraction will be a several-thousand-year-old mummy. During the preparations a series of accidents occur. Could the rumors be true – is the mummy cursed? Or is someone out to sabotage the exhibit? This means a new case for the child detectives Tiril and Oliver.
Genre: Family
Director: Grethe Bøe-Waal
First Release: Oct 18, 2019
Language: Norwegian
Duration: 77 min
VIEW THE SPANISH TRAILERGRANDPAS tells the story of three old friends having hard times adapting to the ever changing job market, which seems uninterested in anyone above 50 years old - no matter the experience or knowledge. Reluctant to the thought of stepping down and retire, they decide to set up their own company. And not just any company, but a daycare center! This, however, proves easier said than done since modern society is clearly not ready for three grandpas turning their baby-sitting...
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Director: Santiago Requejo
First Release: Oct 11, 2019
Language: Spanish
Duration: 98 min
In “Gooseboy”, we meet the boy Viggo, who lives and breathes for his virtual reality game. But one day, when a goose crash lands on his balcony, and it turns out that the goose can talk, Viggo’s life is forever changed. The goose is desperate to catch up with his flock, but he has a broken wing, so Viggo is forced to step up and help his newfound friend. Together, they go on a wonderful, colorful and fantastic journey, which turns out to be far more demanding than Viggo could ever have imagined
Genre: Adventure, Family
First Release: Oct 3, 2019
Language: Danish
Duration: 84 min
Roald Amundsen’s dream of reaching the North Pole haunts him throughout his life. He is obsessed with the idea of discovering lands in this last unchartered areas of the world.Roald wins the race against Robert Scott and becomes the first man ever to conquer the South Pole, but in his diary he writes:“Never has a man stood in a spot so diametrically opposed to where he truly wanted to be."This movie will portray his all-consuming, boundless drive as a polar explorer, and reveal the tragedy he brought...
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Biography
Director: Espen Sandberg
First Release: Feb 15, 2019
Language: Norwegian
When Britt-Marie, age 63, leaves her husband after 40 years of marriage, she is forced to reconsider her life and break up with old habits in order to meet the real world. Britt-Marie ends up in the miserable backwater town of Borg, where life seems to be over for the few people that are still around. However, there are bigger dreams in Borg as well and they breathe new life into Britt-Marie’s deeply hidden belief in a future. Perhaps there is a second chance in life – perhaps it’s never too late...
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Director: Tuva Novotny
First Release: Jan 25, 2019
Language: Swedish
Duration: 94 min
Also available as TV Series Here comes a new adventure where Bamse has run out of thunder honey. Little Hop and Shellman set out to find more thunder bells, the secret ingredient that turns ordinary honey into Grandma’s famous thunder honey.Meanwhile, Reinard Fox has devised a cunning plan to take Bamse’s place as the town hero. How will Bamse manage without his thunder powers? And what dangers await our friends once they’ve crossed the sea and landed on Crag Island? In his hunt for thunder...
Genre: Children, Animation/Anime/Etc
Director: Christian Ryltenius
First Release: Dec 21, 2018
Language: Swedish
Duration: 67 min
After three years at the front Esben flees the trenches of WWI to return to his beloved wife Kirstine and son Karl. But home is not what it used to be.  The charming German officer, Gerhard, has done everything he can to win Kirstine's heart and take on the role as Karl’s father. While the family tries to adjust to the new situation, with the father and husband back from the front although in hiding, the bonds of love and loyalty are stretched to the breaking point. Inevitably Esben...
Genre: Drama
Director: Kasper Torsting
First Release: Nov 18, 2018
Language: Danish
Duration: 103 min
Halvdan Viking is eleven years old and lives in the East Village with Björn, the blacksmith, after his father left to go hunting. However, Halvdan is not a ”real” Viking. He walks with a limp, lacks confidence and is longing for a friend. Close to the East Village is the West Village. The two villages have been in a feud for a long time and it is forbidden to be on the wrong side of the river that separates east from west.One day, Halvdan meets the fearless Meia, daughter to the king in the West...
Genre: Children, Family
Director: Gustaf Åkerblom
First Release: Oct 26, 2018
Language: Swedish
Duration: 91 min
When former gymnast Anita gets a job as a gym teacher in a wealthy area of Oslo, her student Markus immediately comes on to her. The mutual attraction with the exceptionally confident teenager leads to a sexual relationship. Risking her marriage, job, and image Anita dives into the affair, which for her becomes an obsession. She enters a dangerous game where everything seems to get out of control. Who, if anyone, is really in control?
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Henrik M. Dahlsbakken
First Release: Oct 5, 2018
Language: Norwegian
Duration: 93 min
Part III of the Iqbal series Iqbal’s Aunt Fatwa has been named Guardian of the Jewel of India, and Iqbal persuades - primarily to escape school - his father to join the whole family to India to attend the ceremony. But as always, nothing gies not as planned, and suddenly Iqbal has been raging a church and being thrown out of school. Now he can forget about the trip to India, but when Iqbal persuades Aunt Fatwa to start an Indian school instead, he gets reunited with the rest of the family in New...
Genre: Family, Children
Director: Oliver Zahle
First Release: Sep 20, 2018
Language: Danish
Duration: 76 min
Casper and Emma go on summer holiday to Petra's grandfather's cabin. On the beach they find a chest that her grandfather buried when he was young. It contains rare and old things and also a rebus that will lead them to a hidden treasure.     MORE OF CASPER AND EMMA: 1. CASPER AND EMMA – BEST FRIENDS (2013) 2. CASPER AND EMMA’S WINTER VACATION (Feb 2014) 3. CASPER AND EMMA’S WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS (Nov 2014) 4. CASPER AND EMMA ON SAFARI (2015)5. CASPER AND EMMA AT THE THEATRE...
Genre: Children, Family
Director: Arne Lindtner Næss, Aurora Gossé
First Release: Aug 10, 2018
Language: Norwegian
Duration: 79 min
NOMINATED FOR 3 GULDBAGGEN AWARDS: (SWEDISH OSCAR®)'BEST PICTURE' - 'BEST VISUAL EFFECTS'  - 'BEST SOUND DESIGN'When Sweden faces a mysterious attack Alex is forced back to his childhood village. There he must be reconciled with both his father and youth love, Anna, while they all struggle to survive. THE UNTHINKABLE is an exciting thriller about how ordinary people like you and me would react if the worst would happen. Who would we call? Where would we go? Film collective Crazy Pictures feature...
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Director: Crazy Pictures
First Release: Jun 20, 2018
Language: Swedish
Duration: 129 min
How did Jerry and Maya meet for the first time? Join in on their very first case - an exciting adventure that begins when the sisters Hammarabi's book is stolen from Valleby School.The book carries a mysterious secret, and suddenly everyone at school is a suspect: the fishy caretaker, the gym teacher with the tight jumpsuit, the weird librarian, yes even Principal Brynolfsson herself!  The plot thickens and Jerry and Maya are facing a tough challenge.Will they fail in solving their very...
Genre: Children, Family
Director: Josephine Bornebusch
First Release: Jun 1, 2018
Language: Swedish
Detective Agency No. 2 run by child detectives Tiril and Oliver has a case to solve! Join our heroes and their dog Ocho as they solve mysteries that have even the adults scratching their heads.Oliver falling off his bike may be just a small thing, but the one who dug all the deep holes that caused his fall should at least pay for a new bicycle wheel. Tiril and Oliver’s investigation into the culprit’s identity leads them to a deserted mountain and a nighttime encounter with the Shadowman. The case...
Genre: Children, Family
Director: Grethe Bøe
First Release: Mar 23, 2018
Language: Norwegian
Duration: 82 min
FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINATED 'A MAN CALLED OVE'.From the director of A Man Called Ove comes a warm, heartfelt story about love, pop music and success - and how brilliance often brings something dark and threatening along.Ted is a musical genius and a wonderkid of the seventies. Surrounded by the musical elite of his time as well as his beloved brother and biggest fan, he conquers every stage and the heart of every teenage girl. The doors of opportunity keep swinging open...
Genre: Drama
Director: Hannes Holm
First Release: Mar 9, 2018
Language: Swedish
Duration: 120 min
I am William is a story about William, who doesn't always have the easiest life. His mom is a nutcase, so William lives with his Uncle Nils, who gets by, by doing a bit of everything. But Uncle Nils got himself into trouble. He has a growing gambling debt, and the town’s local gangster is out to get him. William now has to step up and muster courage and imagination to save himself and his Uncle. All the while, William has both the three bullies from his class and a growing crush on Viola to keep...
Genre: Family, Children
Director: Jonas Elmer
First Release: Dec 21, 2017
Language: Danish
Duration: 86 min
NO.1 AT THE SWEDISH BOX OFFICE IN 2017 WITH OVER 1 MILLION ADMISSIONS!Divorce, involuntary childlessness and parental relations - in an atmosphere filled with rancorous undertones. These are some of the ingredients when the most popular comedy series in Sweden, Solsidan, moves onto the big screen. Anna and Alex have always been an odd couple and she has now had enough of the friction and conflict. She wants a divorce. She has already met someone else, a man who is more on her own wavelength. Alex...
Genre: Comedy
Director: Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren
First Release: Dec 1, 2017
Language: Swedish
Duration: 104 min
The fabulous Mayflower and Quiltshoe are back on the silver screen! When the Cowbell family goes on a week-long summer vacation to a rented cottage, the local police constables Bellybutton and Goggleclock are joyful. Finally a week of peace! Their joy doubles when they win a rent-free summer cottage for a week. What they don't know is, that these two cottages are next to each other! When the truth comes out, the constables are forced to disguise themselves to remain incognito. Unfortunately their...
Genre: Family, Comedy, Children
Director: Anna Dahlman
First Release: Nov 24, 2017
Language: Finnish
Duration: 91 min
The play Casper and Emma set up at kindergarten is about a gnome who lights lamps outside every house in the dark days of December. They also get the opportunity to go to a real theater. An exciting adventure.    MORE OF CASPER AND EMMA: 1. CASPER AND EMMA – BEST FRIENDS (2013) 2. CASPER AND EMMA’S WINTER VACATION (Feb 2014) 3. CASPER AND EMMA’S WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS (Nov 2014) 4. CASPER AND EMMA ON SAFARI (2015)5. CASPER AND EMMA AT THE THEATRE (2017)6. CASPER AND EMMA GO TREASURE...
Genre: Children, Family
Director: Arne Lindtner Næss, Aurora Langaas Gossé
First Release: Oct 27, 2017
Language: Norwegian
Duration: 81 min
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